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Leoney Resort

Leoney Resort is an enchanting mix of mock Portuguese villas and cottages set amidst beautifully landscaped gardens and a sparkling blue swimming pool. Just a few minutes stroll from the resort will lead you to one of the most interesting and picturesque beaches in Goa - the Ozran beach. Here, you can be yourself with only the sun and silvery sands for company. Alternatively, you could laze away your days beside the Leoney pool, carefully designed with a shallow area especially for children. There's also plenty of space for adults to put in a few healthy lengths. The non-slip surface surrounding the pool is dotted with comfortable sun loungers. Leoney resort is all about Goan Hospitality. We invite you to be part of the experience. If for you, having all possible amenities on hand is necessary for a perfect vacation - then again, Leoney Resort is the one for you.


Beaches of Goa are about the sand, sun and sea. Here you have exotic cuisine backing the pleasure of dining under the sun, while listening to the whispers of the sea. You can also enjoy the best adventure and water sports facilities.

Feni and beer, shopping on the beachside, and exciting nightlife are few of the added attractions.

Night Life in Goa

Nightlife in Goa is exciting and there are many ways to liven up the evening. If you are in the mood to dance to the rhythm of the ocean, get together a group of our friends, some food and drink and hit the beach. You are sure to have a special night – the sand the moon and the pounding waves!.

The Goan pubs, discos and flea markets beckon you for a night of fun.


Enjoy family fun with adventure sports in Goa. Our exciting and challenging water sports are sure to be a family favourite! If you are in a swinging mood check out our speedboat rides, wind surfing, paragliding and scuba diving. Here you can challenge yourself no matter what your skill level. Who doesn’t like racing, when you are the driver! Behind the wheel on the go-Kart track you will be inspired to put the pedal to the medal! Go-Kart (go-cart) racing and family fun merge in this fast lane!

Gear up for some sensational Goan adventure!.

Goan Cuisine

The cuisine of Goa has an interesting mix of influences from all the cultures that it came into contact with. There are two separate traditions in cuisine influenced by the respective religions of Hinduism and Christianity; there are some meeting points that present interesting harmony. One of the most popular dishes, the pork Vindaloo is a result of this beautiful harmony.

The Portuguese cooking has a strong and telling influence on Goan Cuisine and that should not be forgotten. Goan food is simple but one has to bear in mind that most, though not all, of it is chili hot, spicy, and pungent.